Sold out show. Gates open at 6pm.

In their 13 years of performing and touring, from small clubs in their native Southeast to big arenas around the world, the Avett Brothers have spent lots of time thinking about variety, dynamics and song placement. Early on, they just wanted to create the right mood and arc for frenetic shows full of ringing acoustic guitars and banjos, chirpy vocal harmonies, lots of hooting, hollering, hand-clapping and foot-stomping. 

For the Avett Brothers, reality consists of close friends and family, and in keeping with the theme of ephemerality, one moment on Magpie documents something that truly is gone forever. It comes at the end of “Morning Song,” after Scott Avett sings the line, “Even though I know there’s hope in every morning song, you have to find that melody alone.” The line is followed by a chorus of voices, repeating, “You have to find that melody alone.”

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Four types of seating are available: Reserved, General Admission, Sponsor and handicap accessible seating.